Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vintage Dress Clips

As excerpted from a vintage fashion website, "There are many styles of vintage clips used. Some were pairs which clipped onto shoes to dress up a plain pair of pumps. Others were fancy clips used on fur stoles and light weight dresses. Combination brooches also has special mechanisms so that the pair could be worn as a single clip. "

I recently started collecting vintage dress clips and find them very interesting.


Dress clips have a piece of metal which has "teeth." The teeth are intended to grasp thin material such as a dress or shirt. Some dress clip backs were flat hinged pieces of metal, or wired mechanisms with no decoration at all. Others were made of ornately filigreed metal.


Merci and au revoir!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leather Assemblage Necklace

Hi Everyone,

This is a necklace that I made for my sister Lynne's birthday.  It's made with distressed leather, hand-made beads from an antique floral hanky, a silver-plated, oxidized pendant tray with an antique photo of our grandmother in resin, and a wired lobster-claw clasp.

Helen was a baby in this photo, probably around 2 years old.  She was born in 1901, so this photo is 111 years old!

It's very comfortable to wear and I am thinking of and making more to sell in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you for looking.

Take care!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vintage Assemblage Jewelry

Hi Everyone:

Welcom to my new blog "Bijoux Assemblage."  You may know me from One Knit One Purl, my fiber art and knitting blog. 

I've always loved assembling and matching different textures, colors, and objects.  Having collected many vintage jewelry pieces, I have decided to join the "assemblage" jewelry makers and begin the assembling from my heart.

My background is in knitting and fiber art, but I also have experience in stained glass window creation and restoration.  I've worked on church windows and even a Tiffany ceiling and have always felt sad that I had put that experience behind me.  Discovering the world of vintage assemblage jewelry has rekindled my love of object restoration.

Each vintage assemblage necklace will be made to a theme.  It takes a lot of planning and designing, but I want to incorporate oxidized metals, vintage beads, pearls, old rhinestone clasps, silver solder, tassles, antique photos, fibers, charms, resin pendants and things that I love and cherish.  I want my pieces to bless those who wear them.

This is a perfect transition for me to use my skills to piece together old broken vintage jewelry and restore them to their original beauty.  It is an opportunity for me to incorporate my experience and creative ideas to convey a feeling and heart connection to the assemblage vintage jewelry.  

This is my first vintage assemblage necklace.  It is made with vintage pink faceted beads, pearls, a white beaded tassle from a vintage bracelet, antique linen tape, antique lace, a fancy antique rhinestone button, brass fleur de lis charm, and brass wire connections. 

I will be listing this necklace in my new Etsy shop Bijoux Assemblage.

Closeup of the linen tape and lace on the back-of-the-neck section of the necklace.  It makes it more soft and comfortable to wear.

Button tassle from vintage bracelet:

Here are dramatic closeups of the antique rhinestone button dangling through the wired linen and lace button closure.

The button closure has been wired securely and fits nicely around the rhinestone button.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Auf wiedersehen
Au revoir
See you again.